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Matroid Press Coverage

Matroid was recently released and has picked up steam amongst the public. Here is a sample of the articles:


The Wall Street Journal: A Life’s Ambition, Matroid Launches

Bloomberg TV: The A.I. That Knows Just What You're Looking for

Bloomberg: This AI Company Can Tell You What and Who Appears in Your Videos

TechCrunch: Matroid can watch videos and detect anything within them

Podcast: This Week in AI and ML

O'Reilly: Scaling Machine Learning

S&P Global: Analyzing videos and images online is fair game

MIT Technology Review: How AI Can Keep Accelerating After Moore’s Law

BBC: Faces recreated from monkey brain signals

Business Insider: Google's plan to best Amazon rests on one piece of software

TechCrunch: The Kaggle data science community is competing to improve airport security with AI

Register: Cloud giants 'ran out' of fast GPUs for AI boffins

MIT Technology Review: AI Supercomputer Built by Tapping Data Warehouses for Their Idle Computing Power

The Seattle Times: Biggest test for Google’s artificial intelligence: hunting down hate in YouTube videos

Bloomberg: Google Sprints Ahead in AI Building Blocks, Leaving Rivals Wary

MIT Technology Review: Google Stakes Its Future on a Piece of Software

CNBC: Apple just offered a 'dead giveaway' that it's building an AI chip for iPhones, expert says

TechCrunch: Matroid picks up $10M Series A to automate video stream monitoring

Communications of the ACM: Censoring Sensors