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Scaled ML 2017 Slides and Pictures

Scaled ML 2017 was a successful unveiling of Matroid, bringing together industry leaders and academics under one roof. Pictures and slides follow.

ScaledML crowd

Speaker Slides

  • Jeff Dean (Google) 

    Scaled Machine Learning with TensorFlow and XLA

    Jeff Dean slides

  • Reza Zadeh (Matroid and Stanford) 

    Scaling Computer Vision at Matroid

    Reza Zadeh slides 

  • Ion Stoica (UC Berkeley and Databricks) 

    Distributed Machine Learning and the Berkeley RISE lab

    Ion Stoica (UC Berkeley and Databricks)

  • Wes McKinney (Two Sigma) 

    Memory Interoperability in Analytics and Machine Learning

    Wes McKinney (Two Sigma)

  • David Ku (Microsoft) 

    Scaled Machine Learning at Microsoft

    David Ku (Microsoft)

  • Claudia Perlich (Dstillery) 

    Claudia Perlich (Dstillery)

  • Andy Feng (Yahoo) 

    TensorFlow on Apache Spark

    Andy Feng slides

  • Matei Zaharia (Stanford) 

    DAWN: Infrastructure for usable Machine Learning

    Matei Zaharia (Stanford)

  • Ilya Sutskever (OpenAI) 

    Evolution Strategies: a scalable alternative to reinforcement learning.

    Ilya Sutskever (OpenAI)